Intended as an exercise in both design and illustration, Interesting History for Disinterested People is a history book for people who don't like studying history. Focusing on humour, illustration, and storytelling, the booklet and accompanying  podcast would make learning about a dry subject more exciting than ever. History wasn't boring, why should learning about it be?

    Featuring character design by illustrator Zoe Sofianos, these public service announcement posters, part of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's Dare to be Deep campaign, will educate audiences about the importance of marine protected areas in conserving sea life. Utilizing cutesy characters to grab attention, the campaign would highlight the inadequacy of the current amount of protected coastline, and encourage audiences to find out more at cpaws.com.

    A comprehensive branding project, STYLUS is a one of a kind joint record shop and cafe located in the heart of downtown New Westminster. Branding deliverables included out of home advertising, a website, packaging, and an app featuring streaming playlists curated by by staff members.

    A joint packaging design and illustration project, Munchy Time is your go to when the need to nibble strikes. Baked to perfection, and packaged in a convenient travel tube, your hunger will be thoroughly blunted. The perfect snack to share with friends of all shapes and sizes.

    Illuminati Brewing Co. beers are the world's #1 conspiracy theory-themed brand. Each brew is uniquely themed to make you fear your neighbours, government, and general surroundings. You'll have to drink to quell the paranoia.